Tymothi: J (tymothi_j) wrote,
Tymothi: J

Eat Your Heart Out, Robby

Scotland has odes to Haggis. Just as disgusting, perhaps even more so, Canada apparently now has Odes to Poutine.

Don't know what poutine is? Try this trilingual explanation.

Just make sure you have a strong stomach before reading. And viewing.
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poutine is yummy!!!


Oh, I didn't say it was not yummy...it's in fact one of the yummiest foods around. But, I also love haggis. So I'm not sure I'm the best barometer for such things.

BTW, did you receive my postcard from Lubljana way back in August?

Uhhh, had I already asked?

haggis eh? hmmm...i can't say i like haggis, mostly because i'm not sure if i've ever eaten it...but i like blood sausage...which i'm told is similar (?)
do you like cow tongue??? (an answer to that question gives me a pretty good idea of what kinda taste people have)

i don't believe i got a postcard from you, do you maybe have me confused with someone else?
(don't get me wrong, i would love to get a postcard from you, especially from Lubljana!)
rrrrrrrrrrrr.....oops. this particular account that i receive my lj comments in gets a ridiculous amount of spam, so i'm really sorry for such a tardy reply.

now, this is the scientist-formerly-known-as-gafaunt, yes? if so, then yes, i did indeed send a postcard for you when i was in the beloved city last summer. it was sent to belphoebe's domicile. perhaps ask her if it ever arrived?

and, in breaking news, i am going to slovenia tomorrow morning to visit my quasi-girlfriend from there for the weekend. we're primarily going to be in piran, but we'll also spend a bit of time in ljubljana. would you like a postcard?
i would love one! ohhh piran is sooo beautiful...
wish i was there!!


i'll email you my addy to send the card to!
thank you muchly!
oh, and as for haggis versus blood sausage, i must say i prefer haggis.

cow tongue, when cooked properly and made into a sandwich using good bread, is quite yummy.

but kissing a cow tongue is not.
i would rather kiss a cow than eat it's tongue!!