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Democracy in Egypt

As it presently stands, the Egyptian presidential candidate is selected by the Egyptian parliament, which is then offered to the voters throughout the country to either say "yes" or "no." Recently, there have been some indications that more than one presidential candidate might be allowed during this September's Egyptian election. But until this change is implemented, there will remain but one candidate for the leader of that country.

Now, Hosni Mubarek may be a bit on the authoritarian side but, using practically any barometer one might like, Egypt is certainly doing better than just about any other country in the Middle East. And with these recent announcements, I have been hearing quite a number of people giggling about what they perceive as a system currently lacking democracy.

"Ha! So they're going to allow more than one presidential candidate! That’s so funny!"

What I find interesting is that most of these people are from Western European and Commonwealth countries functioning with parliamentary democracies. And in a parliamentary democracy, only those in the region (or "riding") from which the prime minister comes are allowed to directly vote for or against the leader of their country. Which means that 95 per cent of the population has no real, direct influence in voting for their leader.

Democracy in Egypt? Even if there is only one candidate, at least they get to vote directly either for or against their leader.

In other news of Stupid People Doing Stupid Things, can anyone please explain to me why Canada is going to call an election over the most minute of "scandals"? I mean, do Canadians really think having an election because of a $100 million "scandal," an election that will cost more than that amount in and of itself, is really worth it? An election that will result in the westerner Stephen Harper as the new prime minister in a coalition with the separatist Bloc Québécois? Have Canadians decided they want a three-front civil war?

Further news of Stupid People Doing Stupid Things: I was speaking to an Iraqi friend of mine earlier today and invited him to come along to listen to my housemate DJ-ing at our local neighbourhood coffeeshop tonight. Instead, he had already been invited by a couple of American friends to see the movie "Kingdom of Heaven."

Americans inviting an Iraqi to see a movie about the Crusades?

And don't even get me started about the American who's trying to buy the Manchester United football club. He already owns an American football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I'd be willing to bet a month's salary that he doesn't even know that "football" is what Americans refer to as "soccer."
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