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Where I Wish I Could Be More Than Anywhere Else Right Now...

...at The Church of Jesus's Girlfriend back in Toronto, where in just five minutes my former church will be celebrating Candlemas, my favourite mass of the year other than, of course, those during Holy Week.

O, loveliest of all Square Eggs, how was the mass this evening? Did you sing Andrew's piece again this year? And how was the concert on Sunday? I so much would love to perform the Lauridsen O Magnum Mysterium again...and how did it go with Jana's Ave Maris Stella? It seemed like it was a bit of an irritant to most of the Gallery Choir, but I have to admit I found it absolutely fantastic...and not only because of my status as a self-styled "Wannabe Slav."

I have a hunch you secretly loved the piece as well...right? :)

And is there any chance that either an audio or video recording was made?????
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