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Tymothi: J

The Travails of Travels....Venice and Former Yugoslavia

First of all, it's so cool to see my friend Amy, a person otherwise known as moon_moon and a friend of mine in real life who goes back farther than any other friend I have, has added me to her Friends list! Wish these keyboards in Venice gave me the option for an apostrophe rather than a à...

But welcome Amy! Lovely to see you here!

I am currently in Venice, and paying about 8 euros an hour for internet, so I an writing as quickly as possible...

Tomorrow I am off to Trieste for a day, and then I will be off to see former Yugoslavia. First up will be Ljubljana, followed (in probably order) by Zagreb, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik, Srebrenica, plus a whole bunch of small towns throughout Bosnia. Then I will be off to Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, and then back to Den Haag either from Budapest or Prague.

Or, depending how certain things go in Belgrade, I will be departing from Belgrade...

If anyone would like a postcard from any of these places, you know the drill. Just send me your snail mail address to tymothi _ j _ 2 @ yahoo.com. Just be sure to take away the extra spaces. I will probably grab a few extra cards from Venice and Trieste, so feel free to request these. But they will likely be sent from Bosnia or Serbia.

Will write all about either the travails or the travels, depending how it goes, when I am back in The Hague in September...
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ohhhh i wish i was there!!!

have a wicked trip!
Hey there, Gafaunt!

Ljubljana was great! I really loved that little city. I had really wanted to send you a postcard, and I thought Mr. B's address was on his online resume, but I was wrong. So, instead, I mailed it to Belphoebe's parents' address. I hope you will be able to receive it!