Tymothi: J (tymothi_j) wrote,
Tymothi: J

Yugoslavia Thus Far

Ljubljana was just a wonderful little city to have gone to, and I'm so glad to have been there. Exceptionally friendly people, and a very well-kept town. You wouldn't even think it was formerly part of Communist/Socialist/State Capitalist Eastern Europe. It felt more like Austria, at half the price. Enchanting, like a fairy tale.

And then I arrived in Zagreb. There were steps leading down to some shops underneath the train station, so I went down. On the entrance doors, there were circles with lines through them showing what was not permitted. These included three things: Rollerblades, Dogs, and Handguns.

Next, I went to the Youth Hostel, where I was abruptly told simply to come back in two hours. For no apparent reason. Just to do it.

So I wandered to the main square where they were showing moderate propaganda films about the war, specifically about the battles in Vukovar and Knin. Hissing whenever there was a Serb shown, and cheers as Croatia regained Knin. Very disturbing, and it made the war seem, for the first time, incredibly real.

Then I went back to the Hostel. When asking about a word that pertained to the guests, I was told by the next guy, "I'm not your personal walking dictionary. You can buy a dictionary."

I don't expect you to be my personal walking dictionary, sir. Nor my standing one, nor my sitting one. I just wanted to know one word. A word that is important to my stay at your establishment.

Welcome to Zagreb.
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