Tymothi: J (tymothi_j) wrote,
Tymothi: J

Well, The British Do Like Their Mushy Peas....

Things I've learned since arriving in London:

Jacques Derrida est mort.

Take a condom and slip a handful of frozen peas inside. You'll only need about ten. Slip it on then let your girl climb on top -- so she is facing your feet. Ladies, lean forwards and move your hips in a slow, thrusting motion. The peas act like little pressure bombs and stimulate your G-spot as you move. He'll love the frosty feeling too.

-A Sex Columnist in a London Tabloid

I'm in London for a couple of days, and probably will go to Cambridge on Sunday. If you would like a postcard, please email your mailing address to me at tymothi_j_2 @ yahoo.com.
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