Tymothi: J (tymothi_j) wrote,
Tymothi: J

The Election

As I go to sleep here in Europe, the fate of the world may be determined while I doze. And I suspect that upon waking, returning someday to my birthplace, America, will either be a distinct possibility or a frightening prospect.

I rarely post about political things, as I use LJ as a vehicle for more personal items. For the few of you who know well the real-life person that I am, this may be surprising. In real-life, for those who only know me virtually, I am actually a very politically opinionated person.

The primary impetus for me moving away from America more than a decade ago was what I now refer to as "Gulf War I". A teenager at the time, I was pretty sure that Bush Sr.'s war was going to my generation's Vietnam. And I had "no quarrel with the 'Viet'raq'."

Incidentally, I was somewhat right, though few people are aware of it. The bombing never stopped in the interim between Gulf War I and Gulf War II.

Fearing a draft I made my way to Canada, the land of my mother's birth, and stayed there until my move a year and a half ago to Holland. Not entirely because Canada is a great place, but because the more I observed America from a distance, the more I feared it. September 11th, and the accompanying ignorance of the typical American. The repeated plea, "Why do they hate us?", that morphed inexplicably into "They hate our freedoms" as those same freedoms were being (and continue to be) systematically torn away. These were the things that made me realise that I could probably never return to my country.

Until a month or so ago, my biggest fear about this election was that President Bush would refuse to step down if he were to lose. This predicament has happened to more countries than not, and I don't think the typical American would have a clue as to how to respond. "Call in the military?" Perhaps. But whom do you think the military would back in such a situation? Kerry? Or Bush? A country that hasn't seen war in seven generations, in 150 years, would have no idea how to respond to this. And the masters behind Puppet Bush know this.

Although I no longer believe this will happen, mostly owing to how tight the race has become since the debates, I still think the next few days will be very interesting. The tightness of the race has made it (nearly) impossible for Bush and Co. to look the American public in the face and say, "How could this have happened?" Although, with the antiquated Electoral College system that allowed Bush to become president whilst winning fewer votes than Gore, something like that is always possible. And the combination of the ridiculous Electoral College and easily fraudulent computer voting makes me almost certain that there will be numerous "Florida 2000's" this time around.

I will sleep, and then wake. And when I wake, I hope I will stop fearing a return to my country.
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