Tymothi: J (tymothi_j) wrote,
Tymothi: J

Shalom Y'all

I arrived in Ben Gurion airport overnight and am now in Tel Aviv, about 50 metres from the Mediterranean. After several days of -20 in Toronto, the warm and gentle breezes blowing off the water is quite the respite.

While searching for an internet cafe, I passed a store selling all sorts of tack. In the window was a plaque for an entrance door that said "Shalom," and underneath the same was presumably the same in Hebrew letters. Next to it was the one of the same exact design, although the Hebrew letters had been replaced with "Y'all." So, in the spirit of Rehov Ben-Yehuda: "Shalom Y'all."

I will be in Israel until I return to Den Haag on the 10th. While here I plan to spend a couple days in Jaffa/Tel Aviv, three or four days in Jerusalem, cycle around the Sea of Galilee, swim in the Dead Sea, and then see Nazareth, Masada, and Mediggo (Armageddon). If any one would like a postcard from any of these places, please just email your address to tymothi_j_2 @ yahoo.com.

I had been wondering why nobody requested any postcards from Indiana or Toronto. (Well, maybe not Indiana.) Now I see why: I had somehow forgotten to update my livejournal to say I was going there. Sorry about that. But I do have an extra Toronto postcard, should anyone like it mailed to them from Holland?
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