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Hmmm, as a person who is half Swedish, I wonder if I have escaped His Wrath?

I am planning an upcoming trip to Russia later this summer. And for those of you who have ever tried to look up information about Russia, you will already know that such searches mean that you will end up with at least 1.4 million pop-ups about escort services. Most of them tend to be pretty lame, a girl (or two) sucking a big cock, a girl (or two) playing with themselves, a girl (or two) trying to split themselves as wide open as possible. While I certainly have my moral shortcomings, I really don't know how anybody can take such images seriously, let alone prevent themselves for bursting a gut with laughter.

So all that is background to say that I just ran across one of the funniest little set of links pertaining to such things, ever. The first came courtesy of the somewhat disturbingly named World Sex Archives." To quote its aim:

This web site is an interactive discussion and archive database dedicated to providing information about prostitution, escort services and sex tourism. Here you will find articles both past and present providing information about escorts throughout the world. This is not a porno site that boasts millions of "hardcore" images. Rather, it is a place where fellow hobbyists gather to share information with one another through real time discussion boards on a variety of topics that deal with prostitution, escort services and sex tourism.

Umm, "hobbyists"? And the way they phrase it, it just sounds so darn genteel.


Hi Bill! How're ya doing these days?

Oh, not so bad. Just working a bit on my seashell collection. Currently I'm showcasing it on all the beaches around the world. And you, Jim? What's up with you?

Oh, not much. I just got back from Thailand. The palm trees and beaches were great, and I banged the living b'jesus out of a whole bunch of whorish, cock-sucking teenagers. It was so much fun!

That's super!

But that's not all! It gets even more funnier!

Whilst perusing the site for the purposes of researching this entry, I noticed at the bottom a warning to those under the age of 21, that they should not enter. Very common, and seen all over the web, yes? But then there was a second line added saying

Those who would like to lecture me on morality, click here.

And where does that link take you? Ah, yes, none other than to the domain of that pork-and-lobster-eating, cotton-and-polyester-garmented, shorn-haired Moron of the Midwest, the Least Reverend Fred Phelps.

For those who might remember, this is the same silly slug who put up a "memorial" to Matthew Shepard , the American university student who was murdered back in 1998 because he was gay. The memorial still features a daily counter of how many days Matthew Shephard "has been in hell" which is now up to 2431 days. The memorial still has the virtual sounds of Matthew Shephard being tortured in hell.

But now, that clever Mr Phelps has expanded the site! And it appears God's wrath is increasing! Did you know that in addition to Americans, Canadians, and Fags, God now hates Swedes, too! And those quarter million people who died from the Tsunami? Yeah, apparently God killed them because of Swedes.

I'm glad there is still a web-hosting company that is still willing to host him. Partly, this is because of my very strong belief in freedom of speech, no matter how deplorable the subject matter. But the reason why I am most happy is for how it will play into his ultimate destiny.

I know these people. They're all over the Midwest, and this is where I grew up. Pastor Phelps believes, quite strongly, that what he is preaching is true. He believes that all practising homosexuals will be condemned to hell.

And just for a moment, let's assume he is actually correct. If he is correct, then there is a very good chance that there will be a handful of people whom he will reach and whose souls he will save.

But then let's consider the obverse. Let's assume he is incorrect. In that case, he will have done little or nothing concerning the souls of homosexuals. But what about the peoplewho find such ravings deplorable? The people, such as myself for most of my life, who give up on religion altogether because they do not want to be associated with somebody dropping hate seeds wherever he walks, somebody who purportedly believes in a Messiah who said "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." What then?

I can't wait to see God pounding his ass.

Moral indignation is a technique used to endow the idiot with dignity.
— Marshall McLuhan
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