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je dans le Russe

Apparently there are several Russian variants of my name. These include Тимофее,Тимофеи, and Тишa (Timofee, Timofei/Timofey, and Tisha). The first two remind of Ebonics. And the last makes me sound like a toddler.

Who likes which best?
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i have a sneaky hunch tisha will be the most popular. :]
Tisha is my favourite because it sounds the most like a Russian name, rather than a slap-dash Russification of a foreign name.
You studied Russian, right?
I did. Enough to know how to translate my name into Russian, and which parts of it won't fly.
not exactly
Тимофей (Timofej) or Тима (Tima), and different forms of Tima (Timka, Timosha, etc)

Tisha is from Tikhon
So does this mean I can't be called Tisha?


Guess this website must be mistaken.

So what's the best Russian name for Tymothi: J, my Russian friend? :)
They are saying strange things in this site :)
You might like Timosha instead is Tisha, but this is a very emm.. not just a short name for Timofei, like Tima, but a family name for a kid :)

And the best name for you is Timoti :)))))) you'll hear how we pronounce it, like 'Tea ma tea :)))))) (1st sillable stressed)

I haven't printed a picture from Tunis, userpic is from index print :) Maybe this week....
BTW, is that you running along the beach in Tunisia? And when will we see more pictures of your adventures there?????