Tymothi: J (tymothi_j) wrote,
Tymothi: J

Greetings From Merrie Olde Englande

I am in the town of Ipswitch (anybody heard of it?) on my way to Aldeburgh to see Peter McGillivray, my former housemate in Toronto whom most of you know (and who is Canada's next opera star, for those of you who don't), perform in the Britten-Pears production of Benjamin Britten's Albert Herring. I will be here until Sunday afternoon, so if anybody would like a postcard from this neck of the wood, please drop your snail mail addie to me at tymothi _ j _ 2 @ yahoo . com

Please be sure to check out the Snape webcam. It will be the most exhilarating experience of your life.
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