Tymothi: J (tymothi_j) wrote,
Tymothi: J

Is Anywhere Civil?

A little over a year ago, I became embarrassed to be an American following a certain election.

Today, I now feel embarrassed to be a Canadian. Though less so.

Stephen Harper. I don't exactly know why, but every time I see him, I just want to punch him. Does anyone understand what I mean?

Though it's been a bit cold in Holland recently, for those of you who don't know, Russia has been teeth-chatteringly cold recently.

For those of you there who are enduring the cold, and everyone else as well, here's a familiar item from an unfamiliar view.
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Here's the thing: the Liberals no longer had he faith of the country. The last time the Conservatives no longer had the faith of the country, they lost all but two seats. The Liberals had an overwhelming majority. It could be worse. This will give the Grits a chance to clean house, and the Conservatives a chance in the limelight to say something stupid. That's *if* this government doesn't fall within a year, which is also a possibility.

Wow. I'm stoic!

Olivia won! That's good.

Also: we've had the other side of freakish winter weather. There are robins in Toronto. It was 11 degrees Celsius on Friday (51.8 Fahrenheit). This whole damn country's upside down!
Hello Stoic!

Yes, indeed....big sigh of relief that they're a minority government. And can you imagine how ridiulous it would be should these silly Western Conservatives form a government with the Bloc Quebecois?

Balmy Toronto in January?
heya, ol'tim: j...

whatcha up to this weekend, hmm? feel like a trip to amsterdam?
Hey! Does this mean you are coming to Holland? I have some small, tentative plans to go to a party Saturday night and to see a friend's photography exhibition on Sunday afternoon. But all this can be changed, or you could also come along to these...

And if you are coming, why don't you stay at our place. We're a 10-minute walk from the train station, and the train's 45 minutes from Amsterdam. We have a spare bedroom with a double bed, anther double-size blow-up mattress, another mattress, and a couch...so we could sleep up to six or seven people for a couple nights.

Let me know the details! tymothi_j_2 at yahoo.com